Be First Class Book

The New Be First Class Book is Available:


In this book, Stephen Pauley, shares his knowledge, experience and understanding of how to discover and unlock your potential.

The book contains 52 short chapters filled with simple wisdom to help you to be the best that you can be personally and professionally.

It’s your own personal development programme. You can choose to focus on one chapter each week or at a faster or slower pace to suit you.

Some of the things that this book will help you with:

  • How to set and achieve your goals
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • The power of visualisation
  • Clarity on where you are investing your energy
  • Focus on what’s important in your life
  • The value of self-discipline

As well as insights, stories and tips each chapter contains a thought provoking and inspiring quotation and questions to help you to reflect and find the right answers for you.

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“I’ve just read Be First Class and it felt real and authentic – a refreshing change to many other self-help/personal development books. It can be read cover to cover (as I did!) or sampled chapters at a time each one containing another gem of wisdom.

There’s something in this book for everyone who wants to be the best they can be – and it doesn’t preach! Instead it educates you to appreciate the right things in life and learn how you can make your life richer, enjoyable and fulfilled.

Whether it’s inspiring you to find that right balance of work, rest and play or learning how to keep your emotions in perspective or learning the value of living in the present moment, this book is an inspired read!”

Steve Quinney, Company Director and Co-Founder Sharman Quinney