Coaching Skills Training

What would greater staff engagement deliver to your bottom line and employee and customer satisfaction levels?

Engaging employees is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations. The cost of this to the UK economy was estimated in a report entitled Engaging for Success. The report cites a poll from Gallup that estimates that in 2008 the cost of ‘disengagement’ to the UK economy, in the form of absenteeism, sick days and lack of productivity was between £59billion and £65billion.

Organisations want employees who will do their best work or ‘go the extra mile’. Employees want jobs that are worthwhile, where they feel valued and that inspire them. It goes beyond job satisfaction and isn’t simply motivation. Committed employees perform better. A sense of feeling valued and involved will help generate this commitment. The extent to which managers listen to employee views and provide opportunities to develop their jobs also has a big influence.

Our Solution

From Experience, we know that Leaders and Managers that have First Class Coaching skills have:

  • A more engaged workforce
  • Greater staff satisfaction levels
  • Increased innovation
  • Better bottom line results

Be-First-Class-coaching-skillsWe believe that greater use of a coaching style in the everyday management of staff creates greater engagement, accountability and ownership of tasks.  This helps increase productivity and results.

First Class Coaching skills include asking great questions, good listening skills, challenging when appropriate, setting clear outcomes and providing constructive specific feedback on performance.

The First Class Coaching Skills Programme trains people to act as coaches to their teams. We provide the tools and confidence to coach effectively, tips to overcoming barriers to adopting more of a coaching style and a greater understanding of the benefits.


“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves” Thomas Edison


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