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Modern life is busy and much of what we do each day is out of habit. Therefore it’s vital that our habits empower us and allow us to be the best that we can be.

This book contains 52 chapters. It is designed to be your own personal development programme and allows you to find the right answers for you. It’s full of insights, stories and tips that will help you to reflect and flourish personally and professionally.

It will enable you to take a different look at life, to discover and create some fresh thinking, new perspectives and approaches.

It gives you the permission to be yourself and will provide you with:

  • Increased self-awareness and clarity
  • A clear sense of direction and purpose
  • Questions to help you to reflect
  • A feeling of assurance and inner calm
  • The chance to develop tangible action plans
  • Insights and ideas to unlock your inner wisdom and potential

Each chapter also contains a thought provoking and inspiring quotation


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“For me, “Just Be” is a guide to life, whatever your age or circumstances. The wisdom and ideas within it are relevant whether you’re building a career or simply trying to get through the day to day vagaries of life. In fact, it would be a great book to give to someone transitioning from childhood into adulthood to give them an ethos of life and some anchors to cling to as they try to make sense of the world.

The book takes into account the impact that technology and social media has on all of our lives and is up-to-date with its references to what’s happening in the world. Whether you’re in a good place or a bad place or whether you think your habits or behaviours need reviewing or not, this book will remain valid throughout your life.

Like Stephen Pauley’s first book, “Be First Class” it’s highly readable and easy to dip into as and when you feel the need for some inspiration or if time is short. Just as “Be First Class” has become the book in my collection I read most often, I suspect “Just Be” will become equally dog-eared over time.

Janet Henson-Webb, Transitions Consultant