The Tennis Ball Challenge – Creating High Performing Teams

be-first-class-tennis-ball-challangeThe Tennis Ball Challenge is a great team building event that helps to energise and engage teams.

It’s a business simulation that provides some powerful practical insights that can be applied in everyday activities to improve collaboration, communication, results and team working.

It’s highly interactive, fun, practical and challenging.

The workshop helps to:-

  • Powerfully demonstrate what constitutes a high performance culture and the profound impact on business results
  • Highlight the vital importance of each team member
  • Provide substantial evidence between a high performance culture and the achievement of outstanding measurable results
  • Establish personal action plans to increase performance in your organisation and teams

The Tennis Ball Challenge is based around four measures (sales, customer satisfaction, return on investment and employee engagement). These can be adapted to meet specific needs.


Testimonial on The Tennis Ball Challenge:

“The workshop that was run for my team at St Johns College was excellent. The Tennis Ball Challenge turned out to be an exciting game that made you think of working together and planning to achieve results. The feedback from those that attended has been very good, and they want to get more of their staff involved in doing one of these workshops.”

Bill Brogan, Catering and Conference Manager, St.Johns College, Cambridge

What some previous participants have said:

“It was a complete eye opener and surprise; I could not believe the impact of the activity on team working.”

“Really engaging and insightful. It was skilfully facilitated in a fun and thought provoking way.”

“A great opportunity to step out of the day to day routine and think differently. It was a fantastic way to demonstrate progression and opportunities. A real breath of fresh air!”

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